Updates To Better Enjoy Your Home

Updates To Better Enjoy Your Home

It’s no surprise we’re all spending more time in our homes than we may like due to COVID-19 infecting our communities. However, that time spent at home doesn’t have to be unproductive just because you may be out of work. There are always home improvements that can be done to make your space more your own. Sometimes, the best home update ideas come when you’re thinking about them the least. For instance, this period of downtime can be the perfect reminder to do the routine maintenance on your home that has gotten pushed aside by your busy lifestyle. It could also be used for updates you’ve always wanted to do, but never have the time for. Now, you have all the time you could ever want on your hands. So use it towards where you spend the most time- your home!

The Outdoors

An often overlooked part of your home is the garage. Especially your garage door. It’s easy to overlook when nothing seems to be the matter with it. However, should your garage door not be functioning as smoothly as it used to, to ensure your safety, hiring a garage door repair service to come and work on it is the best course of action. Though this might seem like a no-brainer, of all the home update ideas in this guide, ensuring your safety is first on the list. It’s important should anything be wrong that you get it fixed. The garage is an easy target for break-ins if it isn’t locked up correctly. If your automatic garage door is malfunctioning, this would allow for a break in to be more likely, and nobody wants that. So make sure you’re keeping an eye on how your garage door is working!

One of the best home update ideas you can do to your house is landscaping. One of the first things anyone sees when they come to your house is the landscaping of your yard. For this reason, keeping up with your landscaping is of the top home update ideas available. There are also countless different options you can do to improve the landscape of your yard. Whether it be weed removal, mulching, maintaining nearby trees and shrubs, or even just planting flowers. Not only that, but it’s a fun activity you can do by yourself or with the whole family!

To properly decorate your yard, it’s critical to know which plants will do best in the environment you live in. Once you’ve decided on your flowers, planting, mulching, and tending to them is all that’s left to do. It sounds easy, and it mostly is, but it’s important to remember it takes time for them to grow, and sometimes plants need extra care to get started. It’s also beneficial for your children, if you have any, to learn about how things grow. Tending to a garden can be incredibly rewarding for all ages, especially when you’re able to reap the benefits of your crop, should you be planting vegetables. Not only that, but it is a way to save money and ensure the cleanliness of what you eat.

Adding a fence around your garden will be beneficial towards keeping animals from stealing your profits. Small critters like bunnies or foxes will be attracted to your garden, and keeping them out will be critical to its success. Thankfully, getting materials for fencing and the process to build a fence is not difficult at all. After one trip to any hardware store that’s open, you’ll have everything you need to build your fence and protect your garden.

When it comes to home update ideas, you may not think of the fencing around your garden or potentially even your whole yard, but it is an important update should you have a garden that needs protection or even an animal of your own, like a pet dog, that loves to run away. Having a fence around the integrity of your yard is also beneficial for protecting your home. It’s much less likely someone will attempt to steal from your house should it be protected by a fence. Additionally, putting up fencing is a great way to get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air, and get your hands dirty. It’s also something you have full freedom over decorating. Though many will stick to the plain white picket fence, you don’t necessarily have to. And if you have kids, painting or drawing on the fence is an easy and harmless way of allowing them to express themselves.

When adding your fencing, should it be around the entirety of your house, or even just as a part of your landscaping, you’ll likely come across the need for tree removal. Cutting down trees or at least trimming branches is among the home update ideas that should be done probably every year. As the trees in your yard take on damage over the course of the year, it’s very likely branches will have overgrown or the tree itself has died and needs to be uprooted. While some are capable of doing this themselves, although it is dangerous to do so alone, you should probably contact a professional should you need to cut down a tree entirely. However, trimming branches is entirely doable by yourself! And, it will be imperative to keeping up with your landscaping standards. Additionally, if you have a firepit in your back yard, keeping the trimmings from excess tree branches or shrubs will be fine kindling for a fire. Especially if you cut down a tree, saving that wood for yourself is a great idea. You’ll be able to have fires for days.

Last but not least of the outdoor home update ideas is your roof. Updating your roof every few years or so is important to make sure it doesn’t get too damaged. Although roofing is probably best left to professionals, it is something you can do yourself. All you really need is a ladder that reaches, replacement shingles to put down, and no fear of heights. It’s not necessarily an easy task or one that will be done quickly, but it can save you money to do yourself as well as boosting your pride as a homeowner. That said, you’ll want to be extremely careful should you take on this task yourself. Even if you’re confident, don’t do it entirely by yourself. Have someone up there with you or waiting nearby should you need help of any kind.

Although, while you’re up there, make sure to check your gutters. Should your gutters get clogged or damaged, it will cause damage to the house. Leaking gutters are not something you want to deal with, although it’s a fairly easy fix should it happen. Nevertheless, routine checks and cleanings to your gutters, especially in the fall when leaves are likely to get stuck in them, is an important part of home maintenance you wouldn’t want to ignore. It’s also quite easy to check up on them. Don’t let something so simple be overlooked.


Indoor home update ideas are where the fun can really begin. Once you’ve checked all your bases, like plumbing, heating and cooling, and fire alarm installations, you can move on to the fun things like decorating your kitchen with the finest appliances, updating your living room with the comfiest furniture, or renovating your bathrooms to give off a clean and peaceful vibe.

Let’s start with the kitchen. The best home update ideas revolve around the space you’re in the most. And while we’re all stuck at home, it’s most likely that means the kitchen and living room are the best places to start, with your bathrooms and potential home office followingly closely behind.

First things first, is that paint color the same color it’s been since you first moved in? Chances are, you need to freshen it up. Thankfully, paint is super cheap and you won’t need more than one or two gallons to completely change up a room. Your kitchen should be a bright and welcoming color. Something that says, “Welcome! Grab a plate and make yourself at home!”

Next, the appliances. Updating these isn’t necessary unless they are too old to function properly. Despite what some make think, your fridge or dishwasher isn’t meant to last forever. While these home update ideas are a bit more expensive, should you want or need new appliances, it’ll be worth it. And last but not least, the countertops and cupboards. Sometimes, all your cupboards need is a new set of paint over them to give you the update you need. Other times, taking off the doors and having an open shelf system is more your speed. Whatever it may be, the options are endless for indoor home additions.

The living room is likely the center of your home and one of the top places where the most time is spent. Therefore, it’s important its a room you’re comfortable in and like. This, like in the kitchen. starts with the simplest of things: paint color and wall decor. The paint color for the living room should be more subtle than the kitchen. It should be warm and inviting, but not too in your face, unless that’s your style. And as for decor, it’s likely pictures of your family will make up for most of the decoration. Choosing the right picture frames will be something you won’t want to skip over. Make sure the style and color match the paint and furniture in the room. The good thing about all of these home update ideas is they’re relatively cheap, but can also make or break a room.

Speaking of furniture, what type of couch will you have that pulls everything together? Or maybe a loveseat, too? There’s got to be at least one reclining chair that’s mom or dad’s spot. And the centerpiece for almost every home, of course, is the TV. Will yours be mounted to the wall or sitting on an entertainment stand? Your answer to this, of course, will result in a difference in the budget. And don’t forget the side tables! Where else would you put your drink or snack?

While everybody is home, it’s going to be no surprise that your bathrooms are getting more use, too. The biggest thing you can do to update your bathroom is simply by keeping it clean. Making sure you’re cleaning your bathrooms at least weekly will be incredibly beneficial in making them look nice. Like any other room in the house, the paint color is crucial. It should be something soothing. That said, matching your space rugs, towels, and shower curtains to your theme will pull the room together nicely.

If you are able to still be working during this pandemic, your home office is likely another room seeing a lot of usage. But it’s also likely that office is just one of the many places you actually work. Investing in a mobile office as one of your home update ideas may be the best thing you could do for yourself. Being able to easily transfer important documents, your laptop, possibly an extra monitor or external keyboard and mouse will make switching locations that much easier. Not only will it be more efficient, but you’ll be more efficient with your work, too. We know a change in scenery helps regain focus, so being able to move around your house easier will only benefit your work ethic.

There are endless home update ideas you can choose from to improve your home. These listed are just a few suggestions that are relatively cheap and fun to do, aside from the nitty-gritty tasks that just have to get done. But even the routine maintenance tasks can be enjoyable if you’re excited about homeownership. Not everything you do for your house is going to be the most glamourous, but they will help to ensure you and your family’s safety, which is the most important thing of all. At the end of the day, it’s your space and you’re going to want to enjoy living in it.

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