15 Amazing DIY Home Art Projects

15 Amazing DIY Home Art Projects

A home is more than a place to put our things. A home is a place where we can sit back and relax, unwind, and allow ourselves to be immersed in whatever makes us comfortable. Whether that’s dim lighting, homemade candles, custom stamps, or simply the look of your home, your living space makes you, you. It’s important to have a living space that embodies your likes, values, and personality. Nowadays, with so many do-it-yourself projects online, it’s easy to make your home beautiful on a budget.

Art and the Home

The home itself has been designed time and time again by a myriad of architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, and is in itself a piece of art. But, there are many different places within your home that can embody art that you might not even be aware of. The look of your kitchen, bathroom, flooring, and other areas of your home all have the potential to become places of art themselves. Though about 35% of all remodeling jobs involve the entire home, these 15 easy DIY home decor art projects can be customized to fit specific areas of your home. You can always expand on them to cover your whole home, but if you want to start off small, take advantage of these great DIY home decor art projects. See for yourself how easy it is to make your home much more beautiful, trendy, and you.

1. Custom Penny Flooring

An easy and cheap project you can do to harness the beauty of your home is a penny-designed floor area. Penny flooring involves the use of differently aged (and colored) copper pennies, arranged in intricate and beautiful designs to create a whole host of different patterns for flooring. Penny flooring uses the same concept as mosaic flooring, but at the fraction of the cost. In fact, it’s completely legal to use pennies as a building material for your flooring! All you need are pennies of different assorted colors, a possible design print out if you choose to incorporate a design, epoxy, alcohol to clean your pennies, and other flooring materials. You could easily look online for more detailed instructions for this great DIY home decor art project. As well, penny flooring lasts quite a while, and can be used in only a small section of your home, or if you’re feeling brave throughout your whole room. Consider starting off with a small walk-way to your home, and expanding from there.

2. Cactus Terrariums

Every home needs a little greenery to make it feel more relaxing, inviting, and alive. Cacti are vividly beautiful, and when combined in a terrarium come to life in a world of their own. All you need are small cacti, an assortment of pebbles, dirt, and a container of your choosing. Many people like the look of geometrically shaped glass terrariums, but a simple wooden plant box will do just fine. You can then either hang these terrariums, or place them around your home and maintain them throughout the day. Terrariums made out of plants of cacti are one of the best DIY home decor projects that can relax you, as well as brighten your home and your day.

3. Expose your Natural Floors

Ripping off old, ugly and worn carpet sounds much more difficult than it actually is. In fact, ripping off carpet can be as easy as using a palette knife, box cutters, strength, and patience. Why take off carpet you might ask? Surprisingly, if you live in a home that was built early on and is covered in carpet, there’s a slight chance it has beautiful wood floors underneath. Taking off your carpet to reveal the wood floors underneath can prove to be one of the most useful and money-saving DIY home decor art projects you can do. Wood floors nowadays are highly preferable to many because they are easy to maintain, provide cool temperatures, and have a great look. If you’re wondering how to tell your home has wood flooring, you can look under your floor vent, remove it and push your fingers under the pad to lift and see if you have wood under your carpet. If this isn’t possible, finding a discreet area to pull up a bit of carpet such as a corner is a good idea as well.

4. Install Mirrors in Dark Areas

Mirrors come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, you name it. Why are mirrors so important? For one, mirrors provide a design element that is unique and flows well with a home. But more importantly, mirrors can be used to increase the lighting of a room by using a lamp, window, or another light source. Installing your own mirrors into your home is one of the easiest and quickest DIY home decor art projects that can not only change the look of your home, but make it all the more brighter. To do so effectively, simply find an area of your home that lacks light but has a window or other light source close by. Position the mirror to reflect light off that source, and you’ll see for yourself what a difference a simple mirror installation can make.

5. DIY Patio Lights

Speaking of light sources, patio lights outdoors are a great DIY home decor art projects that can be useful for hosting parties as well. Many sites, such as Pinterest, offer ideas on how to shape string lights, led, and even Christmas lights to make your patio stand out even more. Though you don’t design the lights yourself, installing these battery-powered lights can make your patio look more unique, and give it a dim, romantic glow for the evening summer nights.

6. DIY Pillow Covers

Pillows aren’t just used in your bedroom (at least they shouldn’t be). Living room couches and other sitting areas can incorporate gorgeous and inviting pillows on display. However, sometimes it’s hard to find the right pillow casing and design to tie your couch and home together. A great DIY home decor art project you can do is making your own pillowcases and coverings to suit your home’s design. Arts and Crafts retailers such as Jo-Anns, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby offer cheap fabric, zippers, and sewing materials you can use to easily make your own pillow covering. With thousands of fabrics to choose from, it’s easy to find the right design and sew together a pillow covering that will have your home feeling harmonious.

7. Create a Meditation Area

Having a private area for you doesn’t have to be difficult, costly, or even time-consuming. Find an area of your home that has low foot-traffic, and preferably is facing a window or glass door for you to look outside as you meditate. Buy a cheap water fountain for 15 dollars, some incense sticks, a small table to set-up your area, and perhaps a yoga mat. That’s it! Use this small space and decorate it how you wish, while relaxing and using it to wind-down after a long day.

8. Make your own Pond

Sure you can’t make a pool on your own, but how about a pond? If you have a big enough front or backyard, some digging, decorative stones, and a pond liner that you can buy for around $100 is all you need to make your own pond. Later on, after digging out your pond area, lining it with stones and other greenery, and filling it with water, you can decide whether you want to expand this DIY home decor art project to include animals such as koi fish and even turtles. The choices for this mini-pond paradise of yours are endless. However, it does take a bit of elbow grease to accomplish.

9. Use Painters Tape to Design your Walls

The color of your walls has much to do with your mood, as is shown in color psychology. Red walls make us more feel more closed in, while blue makes us feel calmer. Whatever color you decide to paint your walls, consider combining different colors for an easy design. Using painters tape as a stencil, you can make gorgeous patterns by layering paint and letting it dry. This DIY home decor art project not only makes the walls of your home unique and stand-out, but affects the very psychology of yourself. Utilize tape, different patterns, and a range of colors to get the best effects. If you feel unsure of the project and still want a little help, consider getting your friends or relative to be a house painter for the day and help you design your new concept.

10. Install Kitchen Shelving

It’s easy to name the rooms that usually have shelves: garages, living room, bedroom, bathroom…kitchen? Yes! Shelving in your kitchen sounds a bit untraditional. After all, cabinets make up a large part of the kitchen and can be used to home your traditional pots and pans. However, consider installing shelving in your kitchen to make room for more decor. Cookbooks, aesthetically pleasing cookware and plates, even as a spice rack. Shelving in kitchens is becoming more and more trendy and useful, and is a great DIY home decor art project that can get you thinking of new ways to re-design your home.

11. Make your Own Diffuser

Essential oils can be used to make scented diffusers to completely change the smell of your home. Studies show that smell is one of the strongest memory indicators we have, and so making your home smell as relaxing as possible is important to keep you relaxes and stress-free. Using oil, reed sticks, essential oils, and a pretty container such as a glass jar or small vase is all you need to make your home smell incredible.

12. Plant an Herb Garden

When landscaping, you might think an herb garden is a bit untraditional and less pleasing to the eye than a flower garden. You’d be highly mistaken, as herb gardens, when maintained correctly, are not only beautiful, but useful. Depending on where you live, consider this DIY home decor art project to help you in the long run. You can plant colorful fruits and veggies such as tomatoes, strawberries, and chili’s that are relatively easy to grow. Plus, when these fruits and veggies mature, unlike flowers they don’t die off but become part of your dinner. How cool is that! Rent out some landscape supplies, choose an area of your back or front yard that gets enough water and sunlight, and begin planting a garden that can be there to serve you for years to come.

13. Decorate your Front Door for the Season

It sounds simple enough, but decorating your entry door is one of the easiest, most relaxing, and thoughtful things you can do for a DIY home decor art project. Not only will an inviting entry door signal to neighbors your personality, but also get you in touch with the holiday seasons. Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, don’t be shy and go all out! All you need are simple dollar-store decorations, some stickers, inspiration, and time.

14. Incorporate Mosaic Flooring

This project might involve the use of pavers, but it can also be done on your own. Just like the above-mentioned penny flooring, mosaic flooring is equally beautiful and can be installed anywhere in your home. However, it’s more appropriate in an outside setting. Mosaics involve tiny pieces of colored rocks that are then paved together using materials such as concrete. Even mosaics that don’t involve intricate designs can be beautiful. Consider this DIY home decor art project to transform the look of your home’s walkway, garden, or patio area.

15. Color by Number Paintings

When people think of art, they think of paintings, and for good reason. Paintings are expressive, thoughtful, and can tie the look of an entire room together. If you have an idea for a painting in your mind, but just can’t seem to find it, consider painting the piece yourself! Better yet, trendy color by number paintings are now available in a vast array of designs you can easily do (no experience necessary). On top of being a great DIY home decor art piece for your home, painting a piece by yourself can be incredibly relaxing.

Remember when you were a child, and finally got to have your own room? It was the most exciting feeling! To get your own room and decorate it however you saw fit. Sure, your parents had a drab, monochrome home, but your room was colorful and had art, paintings, crafts, cool throws and pillows, and everything that was important to you. Just like you were excited to finally get a chance to decorate your own room, so too will you be excited when finally renovating your own home with these DIY home decor art projects.

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