Installing Kitchen Cabinets What Do You Need?

In 2018, 14% of homeowners planned to make improvements to their kitchens. That was two years ago. Consider this statistic: Homeowners remodel more than 10.2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms annually. Now consider what 2020 has brought upon homeowners. Working on revamping that kitchen aesthetic during these new and uncertain times we are living in? You’re definitely not the only one!

Revamping your kitchen space can be a task. From choosing the right countertops (slab, granite, etc.) to selecting appliances and cabinetry to match, it involves a lot of decision-making. So how do you narrow down the options while still maintaining your vision for your space?

U.S. kitchen cabinet demand is projected to grow to almost $17.1 billion by 2021, with cabinets generally accounting for 40% to 50% of total kitchen remodel costs. Minimizing the associated costs is often a priority for homeowners in their search for hardware for cabinets from online kitchen cabinet hardware suppliers.

Online kitchen cabinet hardware suppliers are often the best choice for homeowners (especially new homeowners) looking to spice up their kitchen space. Finding options as far as the cost as well as what you’re looking for in kitchen hardware can be tough. However, research shows that many homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens fall into two categories: traditional and sleek/modern.

The traditional kitchen, upheld most by the baby boomer generation, sticks to the furniture wood stain you see in “older” kitchens. Kitchen cabinets can last up to 50 years, leaving little need for a baby boomer to redo a kitchen, right? With the brass knobs and pulls as well as display case lighting and locking hardware, these kitchens give off the homey feel of being back in mom’s kitchen, eating a meal together.

Those same traditions and memories can be made via some of the newest kitchen upgrades with the help of online kitchen cabinet hardware suppliers. Roughly 47% of millennials are likely to choose white kitchen cabinets, compared to 41% of baby boomers. Why white as opposed to the traditional water based wood stain? White opens up any space, as seen in some of the top-rated DIY shows on HGTV. Implementing white cabinetry, invisible door hinges for cabinets, childproof locks, soft-close mechanisms, and more will give that desired sleek, modern look.

With tools like these that can be found through online kitchen cabinet hardware suppliers, you can gain better access to your kitchen supplies and more storage space, all while maintaining a design palette that aligns with your dream kitchen. Who doesn’t want an HGTV/DIY-style kitchen, right? It’s just steps away with the right hardware supplier!

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