How to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Bank

How to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Bank

Many homeowners spend time figuring out how to enhance curb appeal in their property. Although the term is often used when selling a house, you don’t have to be ready to put yours on the market in order to get an aesthetic and value boost from having a more attractive, updated residence and lawn.

Best of all, when you’re learning how to enhance curb appeal, you’ll discover quickly that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money. Many updates and facelifts cost much less than you might assume. And that means you can have a beautiful looking palace on a much less royal salary!

Want to know how to enhance curb appeal in your home? Below are several key strategies that will instantly improve the way your house looks from the street. Get ready for some compliments from your neighbors and visitors, because they’re sure to be amazed by what they see.

Invest in Regular Roofing Inspections

Around a third of all remodeling projects affect the function or appearance of the entire home. A roofing replacement or roofing repair falls into that category.

If you’re frightened at the mere thought of paying to have someone fix your roof, you don’t need to fret too much. Many repairs to your roof can be done piecemeal, meaning you can fix only the problem areas. After all, roofs are built to last for 25-30 years, so unless your roof is at the end of its expected lifespan, it probably has several years or decades to go.

Hiring a roofing inspector to stop by annually and check out your roof makes sense because it can be tough to visually inspect your roof. A roofing inspector will climb onto the roof and nose around, looking for loose shingles or gaps in the roof. The inspector can then alert you to any problems and make recommendations for remedying the problem promptly.

You’d be amazed at how just maintaining or repairing a roof can change its overall look and feel. Homes can often look like new with a repaired or replaced roof.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: A few years before you need a new roof, start shopping around and getting bids. That way, you won’t be left paying too much when you finally partner with a roofer. Additionally, you’ll already know who to call to get on the roofer’s schedule early before it fills in the busy months of late summer and fall.

Update Your Landscaping

Be honest. When you stand back from your home, do you notice that your lawn looks raggedy? Perhaps the grass is all dry and crunchy, more reminiscent of hay than a lush meadow. Maybe all the weeds and ivy plants have grown up and around your structures. Or your fence is in dire need of a paint job and lots of TLC.

These are all signs that your landscaping is bringing down the ambiance of the outside of your property. With some landscape design, you can revamp your exterior living and green spaces, turning your yard into a thing of beauty.

While you could potentially hire a professional landscaper to help you revive your lagging lawn, you don’t need to. In fact, you can probably do a lot of your landscaping solo, which will save you time and money.

First, jot down everything you want to change about your landscape. From adding a gazebo in the backyard to edging around your garden beds, write it somewhere. Next, catalogue each of your to-do items by which ones are most urgent or important. Finally, aim to tackle one or two of them in the coming days, weeks, or months, depending on how extensive the project is.

By addressing everything a little bit at a time, you’ll be able to improve your landscaping without hiring someone to do it all at once. And your sweat equity will pay off in an attractive lawn that didn’t cause you to go into debt.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: Consider making your outside spaces more livable with three-season furniture for patios and porches. You’ll use the outside of your house more often if you have comfortable places to rest and nest.

Plant a Few New Trees

Tree planting isn’t just good for the way your home looks. It’s also good for the earth and environment. Yes, it takes a long time for most trees to grow, but that’s part of the mystique of planting them today so you have them for the future.

What types of trees belong in your yard and garden? Before you answer, do a little research to find out about the climate and zone you live in. From that point, use the Internet to discover which trees grow well in that particular zone. The last thing you want to do is plant a palm tree in a northeastern state with rough winters. That’s not good for your landscaping or for the tree.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: You never want to plant a tree too close to your home. The roots of a very large tree can make their way across your property eventually. Don’t just think of what the tree looks like as a “baby,” but the way it will look when it’s mature.

Water Your Garden Regularly

Most greenery relies on having a specific amount of moisture to thrive. However, you can’t always depend on Mother Nature to deliver water to your plants, flowers, and trees. That’s why you may have to think about the many ways to get water to your garden.

If you have a little money to spend, you might want to invest in a high-quality residential garden irrigation system. This type of system ensures that the plants supplied by the irrigation process get all the water they need throughout the year. Though you’ll have to create the irrigation system through some trenching, it’s a piece of cake to operate and run once it’s in place.

Looking for a lower-tech method of watering your garden? Look for sprinkler systems that you can either manually turn on or off or ones that turn on and off automatically based on a programmer. Sprinklers deliver small amounts of water and can be useful for reaching wide swaths of your lawn at once.

You can also collect rainwater to use in your garden. Set up a rain barrel and reclaim raindrops. It’s satisfying to know that you’re not wasting any water, and you might be surprised at how much water you can gather this way.

Finally, nothing sends watery love to your garden like a hose or an old-fashioned watering can. Both will work in a pinch, although they might not be suitable if you have an expansive garden that requires consistent tending.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: Keep up with the weeding in your garden to improve curb appeal. A sloppy garden will still produce delicious tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and heavenly herbs, but it won’t dazzle in the appearance department. Make weeding an ongoing project instead of trying to do everything at once.

Power Wash Your Siding

You won’t get any argument from homeowners who say that dirty siding seems to sneak up on them. It seems like one season your siding is pristine, and the next it’s turning green. That’s par for the course if you have siding on all or part of your house. However, you don’t have to accept that your home has to look like it’s taken a dirt bath.

One of the most rewarding benefits to all types of siding is that the siding can be power washed back to its original luster. You can even do this yourself if you want, although paying someone to power wash your siding may make more sense if you don’t have the time or equipment.

Be aware that you may have to apply some type of cleaning solution to your residential vinyl siding before power washing if the siding is covered in a thick coating of moss or debris. Be patient with the process, too. Powerwashing sometimes requires a few tries to get the siding spotless.

After your siding is clean again, aim to keep it that way. You can often use a regular hose to douse off dirt build-up before it takes hold.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: Thinking about changing the exterior of your home? Siding can be a fantastic choice! Siding comes in so many styles, textures, and finishes that you might be shocked. You can get siding that looks like wood, as well as siding in practically any color to match the personality of your revitalized property.

Paint Your Shutters

Shutters used to have a practical purpose. Ordinarily made of wooden boards, they were used to cover window panes during storms or to keep out frigid winds. Today, most shutters are more ornamental than functional. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them.

If your house already has exterior window shutters and they’ve seen better days, figure out if they’re worth saving. Very old wooden ones may be beyond repair. In that circumstance, replacing them with newer ones made of pressed wood, vinyl, or a composite material could be a good bargain and give your house an instant makeover.

On the other hand, if your shutters are just worn out but by no means ready for the junk heap, consider repainting them. You can paint them in any color you like, so don’t feel that you have to stick with the same color they are now. Keep in mind that colors promote certain psychological responses in viewers. White shutters evoke a classic, polished feel. Black shutters possess an aura of sophistication. Bright red shutters can appear playful and fresh.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: When choosing new shutters, think about how they will look alongside your windows. Will you add shutters to both your downstairs and upstairs windows? How wide do you want them to be? Make your decisions before finalizing which shutters to pick.

Invest in Pest Control

Unfortunately, critters and insects probably love your house as much as you do. Unless you’re at ease living with bats in the attic, spiders in the basement, and ants in the garage, you need to call in the pest control professionals.

Here’s the good news: Pest control doesn’t have to cost a bundle to be effective. Additionally, many well-respected local, national, and international pest control providers have developed proprietary insecticides and other solutions that aren’t harmful to humans or most pets. Therefore, you can feel good about allowing the pest control technician to spray inside your home or leave behind toxic “food” for pests to devour or return to their colonies.

Why does controlling your pests matter to your home’s curb appeal, though? Pests can rob your home’s exterior of its pretty facade. All it takes is some wasps to begin eating into the wood around your windows or for termites to munch on your foundation for trouble to begin. By taking away the sting of pests, you remove the worry that they’ll affect how much your home is worth.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: Do your best to make the inside and outside of your home a place where pests would rather not go. Keep windows closed and seal all entry points that might attract rodents seeking shelter.

Fix Your Driveway and Garage Door

Your driveway’s cracked, allowing weeds to push up here and there. Though you probably have gotten used to it, the cracking’s a problem. Make a plan to do some asphalt driveway sealing or call someone who can repair cracked concrete. Either way, your driveway will be smooth again and appealing to look at.

Speaking of appealing, is it time for an updated overhead garage door? Garage doors won’t last forever. And the style of your garage door may no longer be on-trend. Good for you that garage door manufacturers offer doors in so many styles and hues that you might be shocked. Yes, you can have an all-windows glass-and-metal modern garage door. Or you could choose a classic wooden garage door that looks like it came from a carriage house.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: If you’re working with a garage door supplier, ask if they can show you how different garage doors styles will look on your home. Many suppliers offer some kind of CAD or modeling software to allow you to overlay a new garage door image on your property. It’s always nice to see what your investment will look like!

Clean Your Windows

Window cleaning. It’s the least glamorous task you’ll do this year. Still, it’s necessary if you want improved curb appeal. Just take it easy and go from window to window as needed. Then, take a picture of your home with its sparkling windows.

Pro “how to enhance curb appeal” tip: If it’s time to order energy efficient windows, be sure to purchase models that allow you to clean from the inside. No ladders means easier and safer window cleaning for everyone in your household.

It’s not hard to turn your home into the prettiest spot on the block. Just focus on cost-saving curb appeal measures and you’ll soon have a showpiece property.

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