Charity company makes medical masks for frontline workers

In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, protection from infection is essential for healthcare workers. But they often don’t have enough personal protective equipment, or PPE. Since demand is so great, non-medical organizations have stepped up to fulfill the need. Companies that normally make things like air compressors and children’s toys have switched their manufacturing over to making PPE. And, as the news clip in this video shows, charities have volunteered their time and resources to create the equipment that healthcare workers rely on.


Matthew 25 Ministries is an Ohio-based charity that is showcased in the video. They’re a small organization, but they’ve shipped PPE to healthcare workers in Ohio and across the United States. And while they’ve been able to get things like gowns and gloves fairly easily, they haven’t been able to get plastic face shields. These shields are essential in keeping doctors and nurses protected from exposure to bodily fluids in their work, which is especially important when dealing with a pandemic. So the volunteers at Matthew 25 Ministries took up the mission of building these plastic face shields themselves.


Each mask is made by hand, using supplies donations from companies like Gorilla Glue and New Balance to create comfortable, effective masks. Each volunteer cuts the plastic and builds the masks and the charity produces three hundred to four hundred masks each week. These masks are then sent to the workers who need them. The healthcare workers themselves have said that these masks are exactly what they need, with the stretchy shoelaces provided by New Balance perfectly mimicking the comfortable, secure straps of a traditional N95 mask.


According to one volunteer at Matthew 25 Ministries, they all take great pride in making the things that medical workers need in order to treat Coronavirus patients. These volunteers and businesses who are stepping up are living up to the ideals of caring for one another and doing what needs to be done. If a company makes air compressors and switches their entire process over to manufacturing personal protective equipment, they do so at a personal loss. They’re losing time and profit and are likely spending money they already have in order to do this. But this comes with the knowledge that they are making a big difference in their communities. And for companies like these and charities like Matthew 25 Ministries, they know that this difference is worth the time and money spent.


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