Habitat For Humanity Builds Houses and Roofs for People In Need

Habitat For Humanity Builds Houses and Roofs for People In Need

In feeling-good news, Habitat For Humanity (Habitat from here on,) continues to restore everybody’s faith in humanity by building houses and roofs for people in need.

For the last few years, Habitat has been changing lives by providing a roof over the heads of those in most need of it. Through their ReStore program, they have even been able to reach out and teach individuals about the process of purchasing a new home.

As mentioned in an interview on WCCO-TV, Pam Wheelock, Twin Cities Habitat For Humanity COO, stated Habitat is streamlining real estate ownership and future-proofing families’ livelihoods from digging too deeply into their income to sustain a comfortable life.

This is possible as a result of Habitat negotiating affordable mortgage rates for their homes. Home owners now have mortgages with manageable utilities and maintenance fees.

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Families no longer have to worry about all their income going to paying for the house, freeing up funds for education and healthcare, among other things.

Habitat is giving these families the tools to successfully and affordably own property as a result.

Wheelock stated the homes they’re building are high in quality and energy-efficiency. Habitat ensures these houses will live past a single lifetime, as these award-winning homes are not only sustainable, but environmentally friendly and conscious.

The cherry on top of this feel-good news comes in this fact: these homes span the Twin Cities seven-county metro area.

Recognizing the plight of those outside of the Twin Cities, Habitat is putting just as much, if not more, focus on the suburbs, with roughly half the homes built outside of the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

They understand many want to live or remain in the area. They’ve designed the project so that families are able to find homes near the areas and neighborhoods they’re familiar with, not needing to live too far away from their previous homes.

Wheelock bookends the interview by mentioning Habitat is always open to volunteers of any kind. Anybody looking to get involved with the community, or even the organization itself, can apply to volunteer with them.

Positions available include working in the ReStore program, customer relations and service, office and administration, and construction and roofers, of course.

It’s always encouraging to hear the kindness and selflessness of humans is affecting change in their local community. Habitat For Humanity continues to provide homes for those in need, and it seems their goals are not just to help, but to inform, expand, and lend a hand.


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