Understanding Your Houses Plumbing

Understanding Your Houses Plumbing

The plumbing inside of our homes offers unparalleled conveniences, from quick drinking water, to warm baths, to flushing toilets. Although we use these things multiple times a day, we rarely think about them. Just how does our plumbing work? Understanding how it all works is essential because when something inevitably breaks, we won’t be left in an unlivable situation. We might be able to fix smaller issues ourselves, or we can be prepared for needing to call in a professional. It’s also important to understand how our plumbing contributes to the overall ecosystem of the sewers below us.

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Sewer repair is something better off avoiding as much as possible. In this video, you will learn how the plumbing in your home works.

Your home plumbing system consists of four essential components: waste drains, waste vents, potable water, and rainwater. The video will go through each one explaining what they do and how they work. You will also get an idea of how everything works smoothly together to create the convenient system that we rely on so much.


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