A Repair List For Moving Into New Home

A Repair List For Moving Into New Home

When you think of moving into your new home, you focus on what you consider the essentials such as moving and packing. Yet, you forget that the repairs are also a high part of this whole process. If you want to find out what types of repairs you should consider doing before you move into your new home, you should keep on reading.

Do a Walkthrough

When your new home is completely empty, it’s the most ideal time you have to think of everything that you should consider checking. If you have your ‘list for moving into new home’ ready, then you should know that this is the most important step. You should wait before you unpack your moving truck. Do a complete walkthrough to see if your previous owner conducted all the repairs that you agreed on. In addition, you should confirm that everything that should be included in your sale is as it should be.

Doing a walkthrough is the easiest way to find out if everything is working as it should be. For instance, you might find that you need to call in exterminators if you find that there’s a pest infestation in your new home.

Find out What Goes Where

Trying to come up with a list for moving into new home can be an exhausting challenge. This is why having a plan for what goes where instead of just winging it. The great thing about having a plan of action for moving into your new home is that it gives you an idea of what needs to be replaced or fixed. For instance, you don’t want to get a surprise when you’re trying to turn on your HVAC system. If there’s any simple heating repair that you can do, you should do it before you move in.

As a result, knowing how to set up your utilities before you move in should be beneficial. You shouldn’t wait for your moving day to figure out if your systems work or not. Your list for moving into new home should help to simplify the process. In fact, it’ll help you to avoid a headache in the future. When you know things like your waste management facility, or how to set up your internet you should save yourself and your family a lot of time by moving.

Do a Thorough Cleaning Checklist

The thing is cleaning your new home is one of the important things on your list for moving into new home. However, you shouldn’t do this before you’ve finished unpacking. You should prioritize the cleaning right after you’ve moved in. This way you should avoid any of your furniture from collecting dust within your first week in your new home. If you don’t have enough time to do the cleaning, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service. The last thing that you want is to deep clean while you’re still exhausted from everything.

Prioritize your Repairs

If you’re moving into a new home, you shouldn’t have to worry about doing any repairs. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do any inspection to ensure that your home is in order. In the same breath, when you’re moving into a home that was occupied by other owners, you should do an extensive inspection. Inspecting your home can be done by a qualified inspector. He can provide you with a standard inspection that includes a detailed report of your home. However, you should know that inspecting your home can be affected by various factors. For instance, the location and your home’s condition can determine the type of inspection that you should consider.

It’s important for you to know what your home inspection includes before you prioritize it in your list for moving into new home. If it’s easy to access your property, a visual inspection can be conducted on it. However, this might not be enough. You should still consider that there are parts of your home that aren’t easily accessible. For example, you might have to deal with an unknown pest infestation. But with other things, such as roof repairs, you should be able to assess them yourself or with the assistance of a professional inspector. These are common things that you should include in your list for moving into new home should you need to conduct an inspection.

Structural Components

The thing is your ceilings, floors, and walls can suffer a great deal over time. If you’re not buying a new home, it’s important for you to understand that these are essential parts that should be repaired or replaced after a certain amount of time has passed.

Exterior Components

Weather conditions can be a major factor that causes your deck, porch, or siding to lose value over time. When you’re moving into your new home you should have an idea of the kind of repair work that should be done on the exterior of your home.


Having a plumber on speed dial is important if you’re moving into a new home. You might not know what plumbing problems you’ll encounter. The main benefit of having your plumbing repairs done before they become a problem is that it reduces your chances of emergency repairs. In fact, it should also help you to save money on all of your utilities repairs.

Windows and Doors

You’d be surprised to find that maintaining your windows and doors improves your home’s value. But the most important benefit of inspecting and repairing your windows and doors is that it enhances your safety and security. When you and your family are safe in your new home, it improves your comfort. As a result, you’ll have more time to enjoy your new home and surroundings.

The thing is when you move into a new home, you should also consider changing your locks. This is why getting a locksmith to come on the day that you plan to move in is a great idea. If you plan on changing your doors when you’re doing repairs, it makes it easier. Additionally, it helps to cut down costs on repairs and getting a locksmith.

Heating and cooling systems

Let’s say that you’re moving to a state that experiences extreme weather conditions. When you’re not from the area, it can be difficult to adjust and get used to the environment. Yet, when you have an effective heating and cooling system, you don’t need to worry about any discomfort. When your air conditioning system functions well, it improves your quality of life. If your kids have asthmatic symptoms, you should rest assured that improved air quality can reduce these symptoms.


A list for moving into new home isn’t complete without a plan to remodel some parts of your new home. Your kids might think that their bathroom is a bit outdated. This means that you should consider finding quotes from different bathroom remodeling services. However, research by building experts suggests that you should wait for a few months after moving in to do any major remodeling work. Besides, you might start with a project and then realize when you’re halfway through that you need to do work on another part of your new home. However, when you wait it out for a bit and discover what your new home has to offer, you can create an extensive list of all the things that you should remodel.

The fact is remodeling your home is a great way to increase its value. It also improves your design. Additionally, it allows you to customize your new home the way that you want it to so that it can fit your family’s overall style.

Understanding Fencing Rules

When you move into your new home you want to consider major things. For instance, you want to know how to secure your new perimeter. Not only should you understand the type of fencing that you should use, but you also have to consider the different fencing regulations and standards in your new area. It’s important for you to know what rules apply and how. If you’ve owned a home before, you might be aware of the fencing wars that can arise between neighbors. When you’re new in an area, you want to maintain good relations as much as possible with your neighbors. The great news is that there are laws that are in place to guide you. Moreover, when you hire a fence contractor, it makes it easy for you to abide by these laws. Each county has its specific boundary lines that are crucial. Besides you don’t want to spend money and time installing your vinyl fence then discover that your neighbor has a legal problem with it. Not only will this inconvenience you, but it can also cost you money to uninstall it. Never mind the thousands of dollars that you should have to spend to erect it.

What about Your Electricity Connectivity?

You’d be surprised to find that when you’re moving into your new home you should think of setting up your utilities. The thing is you spend so much time stressing about the moving and packing, but you forget all about what you still have to worry about when you get to your new home. As part of you list for moving into new home, you should consider the types of utilities that you need to set up. Your most obvious concern should be electricity. Your kids need electricity to survive and to connect with the rest of the world. However, you should know that setting up your utilities might take some time. This is why it’s advisable for you to set them up before you move. Experts advise that you should fo this three weeks before your big day.

If you prefer to set up your utilities in advance to ensure that they’re ready by the day that you have to move in, this is what you should do.

  • Find out who your service provider is.
  • Contact different utility companies.
  • Assess if your utilities work or not before you have yo move in.
  • Contact an electrical contractor to do any repairs of your wiring.

The other important thing that you shouldn’t forget about is making sense of your utility bills. The thing is you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your bills are higher than what you anticipated. The best way to to this is by going through the utilities bills history to see what the previous owners were paying. In some cases, you might find that the previous owners were owing a lot of money before they left.

Landscaping for a New Home

If you’re moving into a new construction home or an old home, you want to think about a couple of things before you do. For instance, what type of landscape responsibilities to you have to think about? If your home had different owners before you came along, you might find that the landscaping has been neglected. Perhaps, the plush greenery that you saw when you first viewed the home has overgrown weeds now. Falling in love with your new space requires you to put in some effort. This goes beyond just compiling a list for moving into new home. In some cases, you might spend a little bit more to ensure that you have the exterior of your dreams.

There’s no doubt that landscaping provides your home with many benefits. Of you’re someone who loves to keep up with trends and to showcase your aesthetic style, then there’s no better way to do this than by investing in improving your landscape design. In addition, it should improve your curb appeal by a lot more than you might think.

In summary, when you think of buying a new home, you don’t start thinking of making a list for moving into new home. However, it’s important to go through some key focus areas before your planned day. It should help you to minimize headaches. But most importantly, it should help you to save money and a lot of time while you focus on getting comfortable in your new space.

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