Residential Roofing Defined

Residential Roofing Defined

In this video, you will learn about residential roofers. The video will discuss the components of a complete roofing system. A roofing system is a highly advanced system that works together to keep more than just the water out.

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Roofs also make your home more comfortable. To begin, there is a leak shield placed. Leak barriers are made from a rubber compound that creates a protective area. Roof deck protection is also used. The metal drip edge helps keep water away from the edges for a dry roof. Strater strips have an adhesive that will lock your shingles in place to prevent blow-off. At the top, if your roof, socket vents in your eves will allow hot and moist air to escape from your attic. This will help with mold build-up. Installing the shingles is next. Choosing a metal or asphalt roof is going to be up to you. Some people choose either type for various reasons. Price could be one of these factors. Also, the weather is another one of these reasons. Places that get a lot of snow generally are going to want an asphalt roof. Keep watching this video if you are interested in learning more.


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